The object of life is not to be on the side of the masses, but to escape 
finding oneself in the ranks of the insane"  - Marcus Aurelius  

Living Zen

 is what we celebrate.
Endeavouring to be in a Zen like way!

Gifted as we all are to dive deep into the human experience, we're reliant on teachers, parents and mentors at each stage of the journey.

Whatever gifts we bring in with us, using them to learn,
broach our environment, face experience and life's hard
knocks, enables each to relish the gift of life we are given.
We believe growth cannot flourish in an environment lacking mutuality, community, l,oving kindmess and respect we set out to meet, encourage, support and help in whatever way to support the dreams of all wishing to share their unique talents with the world..

Living Zen is a strong believer in the dissemination of truth, sharing of ideas that challenge, encourage and develop change for the best. That can only be achieved through listening, asking the appropriate and pertinent questions and challenging dogma and status quo wherever it rears its head. In a BBC Radio 4 interview a while back Tim Smit, creator of the Eden Project expressed living in a certain way beautifully...

Journeys in Russia and Central Asia - 2025

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For the Altai Journey - Kazakh Turkestan Journey

Think and Believe after The Plannedemic - This War against Untruth will be won

Journey to Altai, Mt Belukha and The Valley of the Mother of The World

A transforming and unforgetable life experience - June/July 2025 - 14 days

Deep within the Altai Republic in Southern Siberia lies Mount Belukha, one of the truly sacred peaks of this world. Revered, respected and treasured in a landscape recognised as a World Heritage site of Natural Beauty a several days trek to its alpine pastures and ancient glacier reveal a land less known by the many.
Discover and walk in the Valley of the Mother of The World, discovered and illustrated by Nicolai Roerich, Russian painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist and genius.
Trek by foot and horse through ancient taiga (boreal forest), alongspectacular winding paths to the high pastures and energetic, magical point wherefour countries meet - Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and China.

Turkestan - Sacred Centres Silk Road Ancient meets Modern

A Journey into Wonder - May 2025 - 14 days

Discover the mystic genius of Sufi saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi,
experience the beauty on the Silk Road in the sacred centres of Southern Kazakhstan.
Visit Almaty, nestled under the mountains of ancient lands.
Be awed by Astana, truly a capital for the 21st century.
Be silenced visiting the extraordinary memorial at Alger to the hundreds of thousands of artists, writers and creatives suffering and perishing under Stalin's holocaust. 
Saturate yourself in the magical impossible made possible by Yassawi and other great saints way back today.



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