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The only Transformer and Alchemist that turns everything into gold is Love'

Anais Nin

Sandra Humby hosts a wonderful selection of workshops with her Rose Energy Alchemy programme. See below full details

'Your task is not to seek for Love but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it'

Cadnam, Hampshire
Saturday April 20th

gold rose

Rose Energy Alchemy - Rose 2

This class introduces the 3 Master Roses which expand the energies of the original set. The Chakras and the their physical/emotional stories are explored in depth and the balance of yin/yang, fem/masculine, lunar/solar energies and the effect on our health, relationships and abundance! I will share how I work these energies in my healing practice and how they can work for you. There will be practical work in the workshop of using the energies on the body and for distant healing work.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to......

*Deepen your connection to the power of the Rose energies
*Work with the 3 Master Rose energies and their qualities
*Understand at a much deeper level the energies of the chakras and
the emotional energies and stories stored in them
*Activate and feel the power of your own ‘solar’ feminine
*Learn and experience for yourself ways to use the Roses to
strengthen your own energy in different situations
*Use the Roses to empower projects
*Work with grids and protocol to offer remote Rose healing or weave
it with your existing practice.
*Deeper teachings of the ancient feminine Mystery Schools

Saturday April 14th 10am - 4.30 pm
Cost: £65.00 to include your 3 Master Rose energy cards
Venue: Cadnam, Hampshire exact details on booking

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Cadnam, Hampshire
Sunday April 21st

h rose

Rose Energy Alchemy
Healing the Heart of your Home...
Space Healing and Alignment
with the Rose BaguaTM Light Codes

This workshop is about creating healthy space and honouring our souls calling for true ‘HOME’... A place of sanctuary, nourishment and inspiration. I have 12 years experience of working with clients and the energies of space which I will share with you. We will work directly with the Rose energies in the ‘Rose Bagua’ to create and activate an inspirational Light Code Grid to clear and charge your space and to encompass the new expanded energies for 2013 and beyond.

In this workshop you will have opportunity to understand:-

*What makes healthy or unhealthy space
*Have deeper insight as to why you live where you do
*What energies can hang around (predessesor energy) and its effect
*The difference between spirit and entity energies
*The weave of yin and yang in space
*Optimum placement for your bed and home office (the power spots!)
*Tools for Healing space
*Connect with the Rose Bagua energies
*Set your intention for your home
*Charge your personal grid

Bring a floorplan of your home
to work on your own home with the Rose Grid

Sunday April 21st 10am - 4.30pm
Cost: £65.00 to include your set of Rose Bagua Cards
Venue: Cadnam, Hampshire full details on booking


Cadnam, Hampshire
Sunday 28th April

r w

The Magdalene, The Rose and The Christed Path
Love and Manifestation in 5D Consciousness

Sunday 28th April 10.00am - 4.30pm
Cost: £65.00 including vegetarian lunch and refreshments
concessions available.... contact Sandra

Venue: Cadnam Hampshire... full details on booking


Cadnam, Hampshire
Sunday May 5th

A rose

The Rose Circle
Retreat Day for Women  

As women our nature is to be giving out to our families, friends and our work... I have designed a special day for you to feel nourished, inspired and recharged... to have time to connect with your Feminine Essence... the authentic power base held within.

Now is the time for self care... to honour our needs for health and wellbeing in Mind, Body and Spirit... I will share with you the wisdoms I have found through my journey into the world of The Rose and her connection with the voice of the Feminine, the Magdalenes and all of those in the light realms who have journeyed in the Sisterhood of The Rose... the weave of Lilith and Eve and the story of the feminine through her pathway to through the 12 Archetypes from Maiden to Crone...

Amongst the sharing and heart opening humour we will explore our view of self care and how we nourish ourselves in all ways... energising breath work and meditations and gentle movement to release old stories and create space for the new...♥

Come be nourished, inspired and recharged!

The Rose Circle is open to women only
Saturday May 5th 10am - 4.30pm
Cost: £45.00 to include lunch and refreshments

Contact Sandra


Nicosia, Cyprus
15/16th June


The Journey Home - The Psychotherapy of Space
with Christian Kyriacou and Sandra Marie Humby.

A holistic approach to manifesting
good  Health, Wealth and Relationships
June 8th and 9th 9:30am - 5:30pm
at  SERENITY HOUSE, Nicosia Cyprus

Does your home serve and support you?
Is your house holding old patterns or trauma?
All areas of life can be affected by the disturbance of
energies in our spaces.
Learn how to resolve these issues

In this experiential workshop you will learn
how to use powerful tools such as:

  • Space Clearing - See how the energetic fragmentation of a house will allow spirit and negative energies to get caught and linger in the energy matrix of the space.
    Learn methods to resolve them. Clear Inner and Outer Debris

  • Sacred Geometry, Sacred Sound and Sacred ArchitectureLearn the ancient principles of number, geometry and harmonics that allow the space in our homes to resonate at their highest potential.

  • Feng ShuiThis ancient Chinese art teaches us how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

  • Geomancy - Learn about the various types of geopathic grid lines and the harmful effects which they have. See how to cure the negative forces which cause many diseases such as cancer.

  • Dowsing - Physical and Remote - We will work with dowsing rods and pendulums over plans of your house. 

  • Chi Energy processesUse these as tools to enhance your natural personal energy in order to deal with issues in life.




About the Work

About Sandra

Sandy is the creative channel for 'The Way of The Rose'TM healing and teachings, Energy card sets and 'The Way of The Rose'TM energy infused products

The Classes

The Way of The Rose programme is currently offered in 3 one day classes which all build on the attunment to the Rose energies and an opening into this 'Work' offered in class 1.

The 'Work' is based on the Sacred Wisdom and Knowledge passed down through the lineage of the Feminine Mystery schools and the Alchemical teachings of the Ages...

The classes are a mix of visual imaging, storytelling and practical experience of working with the perfected geometry, beauty and amazing healing power of the Roses... balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of self and bringing heartfelt healing and authentic power and expression to all aspects of your life... especially your relationships.

Bring more of yourself into the present and experience a sense of pure beingness Feel the flow... the deep inner peace and the LOVE...

The Rose 1 The Way of The Rose
The Rose set - The Way of The Rose

Sandra HumbyMy work and curiosity even from my early days as a couture Wedding Dress Designer was focussed around relationships and energy. What was the attraction and connection between the couple? what was the dymanic between the bride and her mother? and how colour and form affected the radiance of the bride. So alongside my design business (82 - 99) I studied practicalPhilosophy, Meditation, Colour Healing and various energy therapy modalities including Reiki and Sekhem.

Some of my wedding dress designs using silks and antique French textiles. As my own journey developed I found Pranic Healing and sought out teachers to develop my skills and understanding. This also led on to studying several Counselling modalities, Food Energetics and Holistic Health Coaching and an exploration of Vedic and 9* ki Astrology and the more esoteric aspects of the Alchemical path.

I began to notice that the spaces we live and work in have a profound effect on our well-being and by the late 1990's my design work had reorientated towards Interior Design and Decoration but from an energetic point of view.....the effect of layout, colour and content in our rooms and how our homes tell a story and reflect just where we are in our lives, illuminating our blocks and patterns of reaction or response to life and where we are stuck.

I was a finalist in the Design Awards, Bathroom Designer of the Year 2003

The Rose 1 The Way of The Rose

Seen here (left) in London with Sir Terence Conran and Kevin McCloud

This opened a door to Feng Shui, Dowsing, Geomancy and the start of transformational Personal guidance and Healing Consultations for clients using a combination of these skills.

During the past 6 years my work with consultations has taken me to many amazing places and wonderful people here in the UK but also Internationally to Vienna and Carinthia in Austria...Berlin, Germany... Fayence France... Madeira...Italy... New York and New Jersey in the USA.

I have also presented at The International Feng Shui Conference in Budapest, One World Festival in Sevenoaks and Bath UK..., The Fountain International Conference, The New York Feng Shui Guild and for Insideout Retreats in Richmond, Surrey... and also held workshops, courses and seminars at The Meta Centre New York... Van Vleck Mansion, Montclair, New Jersey... Hope, New Jersey... Well House, Winchester... The Zen Zone, Poole, Dorset....Bliss, Andover, Hampshire...Stockbridge and Romsey in Hampshire, Glastonbury, Somerset and Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Articles on my work have been published in Surrey Life in UK, Conscious Design Magazine and Natural Awakenings in the USA.

Early in 2010 a new journey opened up for me which has taken me on an exciting path of discovery with Roses and the Alchemical and healing properties of the geometry and frequency of the Rose... I am now offering a programme to share this wisdom pathway with others and incorporate the powerful Rose energies into my healing work with clients and their homes.

For 2013 I am focussing my energies on developing Rose Energy Alchemy programme and the energy enhancing and supporting products... there are some exciting new products in the pipeline and a book to go with the wonderfully powerful Rose energy cards!

I am a qualified, experienced Pranic Healer, Pranic Psychotherapist, Pranic Crystal and Feng Shui therapist, Rose Healer, A certified NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Holistic Health Coach, KLC London trained Interior Decorator, Experienced Dowser and House Whisperer!

I am a member of Independant Professional Therapists International and The British Society of Dowsers, I am also licensed by The Institute of Inner Studies in Manilla to teach Pranic Healing in the UK.

Contact us at Living Zen and we shall give all details.

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