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Life as Abundance

"..from Abundance he took abundance and still there remained Abundance" - from the Upanishads

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DIamond Tree Natural health and wealth
DIamond Tree Natural health and wealth


A few months back I found myself wondering why things were not panning out for me in the way that I knew

and felt they could.
Life was producing opportunities, work and personal life were good, and expansion of the work environment was a certainty, though viewed through my lens at that time, I would describe it as a neccessity.

My partner Virve, is an exemplar of the investigative being and like myself dogged in pursuit of what feels absolutely right.
One morning she announced that she would like to go to a seminar in London, some 150 miles from where we live, and listen to one of the main contributors that appeared in the bush-fire success 'The Secret'.

Trusting she was onto something and always keen not to miss an opportunity, I agreed to accompany her.

Actually how I reacted was..."Hey if you are going, then I am certainly not going to miss out on that!"

The following describes accurately what happened next:

On arriving in London, being keen to get to the meeting on time and before the places were 'sold out' (read no more seats to sit on -as it was free), I deliberately turned right where I was, by law not allowed to - read cutting corners - no cops so got away with, I thought. Below answers that assumption

Bob Proctor Jonathan and Virve
Caught out

London has the most CCTV coverage of all major cities in the West, if not the world, so I took it on the chin.

However it did nothing to dampen the excitement of witnessing an extraordinary advanced man who happened that day to help change our lives.

However I had first to confront an issue that I have had for some while now.

That issue has been with the word "Awesome".

As a lover of the English language, a writer and - OK , I admit it - a purist for linguistics, the word awesome, I feel, has been hijacked and used to describe the mundane and insignificant in so many areas of our lives.

'Awesome' as (over)used and so favoured by our American cousins among others, continually demotes its true meaning to levels of mediocrity totally undeserving its origins.

Bob Proctor Jonathan and Virve
Bob Proctor Jonathan and Virve

However, sometimes there comes along something that is truly worthy of this epithet and that Saturday I witnessed Bob Proctor and a team of other brilliant communicators introduce me to something that is awe-inspiring, mouth-droppingly incredible and as uplifting as almost anything I have previously experienced - (and I have experienced a lot:))

It was the SGR briefcase that had me intuitively leaping from my seat and committing to a package that shouted - BUY ME! BUY ME! - in every language my senses felt I needed to understand.

If that was not awesome enough, when a few days later I received the "real deal", I took the MP3 player on a business trip that demanded a 350-mile round trip that day.

Do you imagine that for one moment I was bored, tired of driving and wishing to get back home?

No way!

Do you imagine that every gas stop or coffee break was surrounded by other people's noise and negative vibes?

You bet it was not - I had the depth of wisdom, the inspiration of three huge souls feeding into my ears what I had been waiting to listen to all my life....and I was not wanting it to end. I was blissfully unaware of any negitive chat or vibes and blissfully aware of each drop of revelation that I was being submerged into.

It didn't stop there. I am still listening to it over and over again, every day; and every time there is a new depth in understanding and a new depth to my confidence and awareness. Life is rich and as part of that life and richness I am succeeding in ways I have to blink twice to appreciate.


What I do appreciate and am eternally grateful for is having followed that intuitive leap into an unknown that every day becomes ever more familiar and known. Somewhere that re-ignites a lighthouse of illumination showing me a landscape that I remember having left behind a short while after incarnating.... and how does that feel?

It feels like a true homecoming that no physical journey can even get near to ....and yet strangely is every bit a part of.

I cannot suggest anything more life-changing than to read the following and follow my bold jump, regret will be erased from your here.


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