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  "The object of life is not to be on the side of the masses, but to escape
finding oneself in the ranks of the insane"
Marcus Aurelius  

At Living Zen, living is what we celebrate. We endeavour to do that in a Zen like way!
Gifted as we are with the opportunity to dive deep into the human experience, we are all dependent on teachers, parents and mentors at each stage of the journey. Whatever gifts we bring in with us, using them both to learn, broach our environment, face experience and life's hard knocks, enables each and every one to relish the gift of life we all are given.
SInce we believe growth cannot flourish in an environment lacking mutuality, we set out to meet, encourage, support and help in whatever way we are gifted to realise the dreams of all those wishing to share their unique talents with the world.
At Living Zen we bring together a journey of experiences, share it and hold out eclectic markers for all to browse, benefit from and appreciate. We all have dreams, aspirations and hopes for better things to come. Support, sharing and promoting our best being is essential to those goals.

A current appeal we are running for the children of Palestine:
The children of Palestine live their nightmares day and night. The Living Zen Appeal in conjunction with Palestinian children appealthe Norwegian Refugee Centre's pioneering Better Learning Program help dissolve the nightmares and bring strength and peace back into childrens' lives.
Living Zen promotes artists, creators and visionary personalities. It shares common values of empathy, loving kindness, respect and tolerance in all its efforts to bring harmony to the collective as well as the neighbourhood, no matter what culture, creed or belief structure is upheld.
Living Zen is a strong believer in the dissemination of truth, sharing of ideas that challenge, encourage and develop change for the best. That can only be achieved through listening, asking the appropriate and pertinent questions and challenging dogma and status quo wherever it rears its head. In a BBC Radio 4 interview a while back Tim Smit, creator of the Eden Project expressed living in a certain way beautifully...

diwani hikmet book
His Eden Project and simply magnificent Lost Gardens of Heligan are two huge examples of what can be achieved with a collective drivegreater than individual selfish desire.
diwani hikmet bookLiving Zen Books, offers authors, writers and creative producers to share their offering. We help promote and spreadindividual and collective talent to the widest possible audience and most important of all we are here to support, encourage and develop the very best being within each one who seeks it.fisdhermen on Lake Kucherla, Siberia
We organize and take people on journeys to some of the most magical places on this blue pearl. Many barely visited or known to the Western eye, yet brimming with history and naturtal beauty. Kazakhstan, the Altai region of Southern Siberia, Mongolia, the Silk Road for starters are some of the delights individuals have found helped open up their mind and body.


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